Impact of climate change on the most vulnerable populations

Evening event

Evening event

May 27, 2024

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

"Grand Jet d’Or-AXA" Award

Opening Monday’s evening event, the Grand Jet d’Or Award Ceremony is designed to acknowledge and honor research excellence in tackling the critical nexus between pollution and human health.

Topic: “Health and medical solutions to address the adverse effects of pollution on humans”.

Prize: 50,000 € awarded by the AXA Research Fund.

Over 50 projects were submitted, reflecting the global urgency to address this pressing issue. Following meticulous evaluation by a distinguished Scientific Committee, the top seven applications have been shortlisted, poised for final examination in the coming days.

The winning research group will be announced and rewarded in person by Nils Reich, CEO of AXA Health for their defining contribution to mitigating pollution’s detrimental impact on public health.

Nils Reich

CEO, AXA Health

Panel Discussion

Climate change exerts significant effects on human health, amplifying risks associated with emerging pathogens, pollution, and extreme weather events.

While the impacts are widespread, vulnerable populations face disproportionate risks. Countries in tropical zones are particularly susceptible to the ravages of storms, floods, and droughts, while climate-sensitive diseases like malaria and dengue fever extend their reach to new territories. Factors such as dependence on agriculture, rapid population growth, and limited financial resources hinder the ability of developing countries to adapt effectively.

In northern regions, vulnerable populations, including the elderly, migrants, precarious households and the homeless, bear the brunt of extreme weather events.

The objective of this session is to deepen our understanding of the scope of climate change’s impact on vulnerable populations. It will examine the effects in tropical countries and among vulnerable populations in the North. Additionally, we will explore potential initiatives to mitigate these impacts and enhance resilience.


Jonas Schneiter


Alfonso Gomez

City of Geneva

Anna Cecilia Gervasi

Ambassador of Peru

Stephen Cornish

Médecins Sans Frontières

Matteo Consiglio

Swiss Youth for Climate

Judith Moore

World Economic Forum


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