Harnessing AI for Global Health Improvements

Day 3 – Current Challenge 4

Day 3 Environment – CC 4

May 29, 2024

4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Event description

Global health is about achieving better health outcomes by working to eliminate health disparities among populations and communities from low-resource settings around the world. In the evolving landscape of global health, marked by significant disparities and constrained resources, AI emerges as a pivotal opportunity for encapsulating the promise and potential to transform healthcare delivery, management, and accessibility across the world.

AI might be leveraged to tackle some of the most pressing health challenges of our time, offering innovative solutions that could bridge gaps, and save lives on an unprecedented scale. However, there is a commitment to understanding how AI can be ethically and effectively integrated into health systems worldwide to meet these goals.

Indeed, AI should be used as a tool not just for automating tasks or analyzing vast datasets, but also for making healthcare more equitable, making medical expertise more accessible to remote and under-resourced communities, and enabling personalize care that respect and respond to individual needs. The deployment of AI for Global Health Improvement in populations and communities from low and middle-income countries called upon to consider a variety of dimensions from the technological innovations to the ethical frameworks around its deployment, and their associated challenges. A global dialogue that brings together technologists, healthcare providers, policymakers, and members of targeted populations and communities may help to enlighten up-to-date theoretical and practical considerations to meet the objectives of using AI for Global Health Improvement in those countries.

The aim of this session is to explore and discuss the potential of AI in enhancing public health outcomes globally, focusing on innovations, ethical considerations, and equitable applications of AI technologies in global health.

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Presentations and Panel

Speakers will be announced soon

Valérie Pittet

Switzerland, Moderator
UniSante Lausanne

Marie-Annick Le Pogam

Switzerland, Moderator UniSante Lausanne

Sameer Pujari

Switzerland, Speaker
World Health Organization

Annie Hartley

USA, Speaker
Yale University,

Hélène Langet

Switzerland, Speaker

Lameck Luwanda

Tanzania, Speaker
Ifakara Health Institute

Leandra Brauninger

United Kingdom, Speaker
Alan Turing Institute, University College London

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