Tackling global health challenges with deep tech – CERN Global Health Workshop

Day 1 – Current Challenge 4

Day 1 Environment – CC 4

May 27, 2024

4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Event description

CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics, pushes the frontiers of technology for the benefit of fundamental research.

The transfer of CERN technologies and expertise to society is an integral part of these activities, providing novel solutions in many fields, which have positive impact on our lives, including in the health sector.

In partnership with the Geneva Health Forum, CERN is therefore organising the workshop to identify new applications of deep-tech technologies in global health, and co-development of novel research ideas among the participants from a wide range of backgrounds. The workshop will bring relevant stakeholders together to delve into some of the most pressing global health challenges proposed by international organisations working in the field. Topics addressed are related to the main themes of the 2024 GHF.

After a description of CERN’s knowledge transfer, the 5 projects that will be worked on at the workshops will be presented

  • Safe medical data management for LMICs and people on the move
  • Affordable and accessible diabetes management tools
  • Correlation between climate change and perinatal health
  • Occupational safety of health care professionals from radiation exposure
  • Improvement of the management of malaria and related factors

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Speakers will be announced soon

Alessandro Raimondo

Switzerland, Moderator

Daniel Garcia

Switzerland, Speaker Geneva University Hospitals
Global Society of Humanitarian Pediatrics

Rita Pinho

Switzerland, Speaker

Kallol Mukherji

Switzerland, Speaker
Terre des Hommes

Monica Golumbeanu

Switzerland, Speaker

Dorian Job

Switzerland, Speaker

Atta Bhatti

Switzerland, Speaker
Neuro Health Care 4 LMIC

Notes to participants


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